LINE-PRO is an airless diaphragm pump, self-contained, gas engine, very strong and handy pump. With LINE-PRO is very easy to mark lines for parking, curves, cycles track, etc. This line marker is used for all kind of traffic signs jobs.

When required, LINE-PRO becomes an airless pump for spraying walls, doors, tools. LINE-PRO is ideal both in the industry and local governments, who can handle many different jobs with one only unit.


  • Parking lines Industrial signaletics
  • Painting
  • Carpentry
  • Guard-rail painting


  • Paint
  • Latex
  • Water based product
  • s Not abrasive paints


  • Airless P 500 TOP GUN
  • Airless T 45 gun
  • Airless T 65 gun


  • LINE-PRO works with a strong and reliable HONDA motor HP 4.
  • The airless system allows to mark perfect lines with the normal paint (not abrasive) used for directional separator.
  • The operator can easily control the spraygun by a lever on the handle.
  • When required, LINE-PRO becomes an airless unit, self-contained. It sucks the paint directly from container.
  • Tungsten carbide valves.
  • Paint body with corrosion-proof treatment.


  • The easiest system for line marking
  • Multifunctional: line marking or paint spraying
  • Easy to use
  • Suction directly from container
  • Tungsten carbide valves
  • All parts in contact with paint are corrosion-proof treated
  • Glass powder kit on request
  • Working in accordance with latest European Union rules
  • Trolley with pneumatic wheels


  • Second gun kit includes, tubing, Airless gun, hose, tips, trigger assambly and all hardware required to hook-up the existing LINE-PRO. The maximum tip size when using two guns at the same time is .017. It is recommended to use .015 tips which will last longer.
  • ROTATING WHEEL KIT: Locks in forward position and has remote trigger control. For custom circle locking, a manually operated knob locks to any angle required.
  • Glass bead kit: Taiver dispenser is designed to apply glass bead onto wet traffic paint. The system comes with a 6 ltr. capacity hopper, one 4 dispenser head, and all fittings, hoses and hardware required for operation. This is a gravity system which requires no air or any other power source.
  • The dispenser is mounted direcly behind the spray gun. When the gun is actuated, the bead dispenser door opens simultaneously with the gun.
  • A shower of beads the width of the dispenser is then deposited onto the wet paint line. The amount of beads dispensed is easily adjusted using only a screwdriver.
Technical specifications
Motor Type Gas Engine, HONDA
Power 4 HP
Weight 40 Kg
Max. Pressure 200 Bar
Free Flow 4 ltr/min
Max. Spray Tip 0.21