System dust destruction to prevent the occurrence of dust and particulate mass, using aerosol (Artificial fog)

Great for:

  • construction sites / demolition
  • places where they dig tunnels in the stone
  • places where stored waste, waste (inhibition of smell), etc.


Spray radius of 30 m – artificial fog prevents the formation of puddles and mud.


Water Hoses


  • Maximum range of spray
  • Swivel Radius spray head is 360
  • Coating of fog that prevents dust from working the land
  • Simple handling
  • Adjust spray according to the desired distance
  • Adjust spray depending on the amounts you need
  • Option of bow spray
  • Easy maintenance of spray nozzles
  • Central control computer system for one or more devices aerosol
Technical specifications
Max. Range of Spray 20-30 m
Power 4,6 Kw
Water Consumption approx. 0.5 m³/h
Weight 150 Kg
Min. Water Pressure 2 Bar
Height 3,5-6 m
Central Nozzle 0,5-1,5 m³/h
1 Nozzle Ring 0,5-4 m³/h
2 Nozzle Rings 1-8 m³/h